Don't fall into the trap of a credit card debt disposal agency!


In recent years, some illegal organizations or individuals have issued advertisements under the name of "Agent for Credit Card Debt Disposal" with titles such as "Stop Collection", "Anti-Collection", "Full Interest-Free In recent years, some illegal organizations or individuals, under the name of "agent for credit card debt disposal", publish advertisements with titles such as "stop collection", "stop interest pending" and "credit card debt restructuring", posing as legal workers to gain consumers' trust, obtain consumers' personal financial information, charge high agency fees and make illegal profits, seriously damaging consumers' legitimate rights and interests and disrupting the This has seriously damaged the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and disturbed the normal order of the financial market. In this regard, this article reminds consumers to be alert to the trap of illegal "agency disposal of credit card debt" and guard their credit cards!


Risk 1:Personal information leakage hidden dangers

Consumers will provide important personal identification information, personal financial sensitive information, etc. to illegal agents, facing the risk of illegal sale and illegal use by unlawful elements, such as carrying out malicious overdraft of credit cards, fraudulent handling of small amounts of goods, fraudulent handling of bank card skimming or participation in money laundering illegal criminal activities.

Risk 2:High impact of personal credit damage

If consumers believe in the so-called "defence" method of illegal agents, delay or suspend repayment and refuse to communicate with the bank, it is likely that the forced repayment will result in a bad credit record, which will adversely affect subsequent loans, housing, cars and even employment. Consumers who are abetted by illegal agents to participate in the fabrication of facts and provide false materials for malicious complaints may also face legal risks and be suspected of breaking the law.

Risk 3:High risk of personal capital loss


If a consumer chooses an agent to dispose of credit card debt, the normal negotiation channel with the bank will be cut off, which will cause a delay in the progress of coordination and processing, and the consumer will have to bear the high consultation fee, agent service fee or handling fee in addition to the increase of interest and fees due to overdue, which will increase the burden of his or her debt. In addition, consumers who provide detailed personal information or even bank card passwords to illegal agents may also face theft of their bank cards, resulting in unnecessary financial losses.


To avoid risks, consumers need to learn to use credit cards correctly

Consumers must read the credit card agreement and the credit card prospectus carefully when applying for a card, to fully understand the important contents of the application, use, fee and interest collection, reconciliation and repayment, and to familiarize themselves with the rules of credit card use and proper use of credit cards. After getting a credit card, you should pay attention to the fact that you should hold the credit card in person, not give it to others for safekeeping, and not rent or lend it to others for use.

Credit card consumers need to pay attention to the concept of rational consumption, avoid "impulsive consumption" and "excessive consumption", for the normal consumption of credit card account balance, remember to check and pay on time to avoid late records affecting personal credit.