Do you know the names of the various gold exchanges?


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    We know that gold is a very valuable precious metal, and since ancient times it has assumed an important commercial economic role and played an important economic function. To this day, gold is still an important economic investment, so it is of course very important for us to be familiar with the various ways of investing in gold. So today we will introduce several more common and widely used investment methods related to gold, namely Asian gold trading and American gold trading.

The first one: called Asian gold trading. From the name, we can tell that this is related to the Asian region. In fact, it is true, Asian gold trading is led by the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange and the Singapore Gold Exchange. And this kind of trade also has representative characteristics, that is, this kind of gold transaction because it is entrusted by people, its amount is large, and there are also private small trade, that is, the number of transaction objects is large, and the variety is complex. At this moment, it shows that having a dedicated trading venue is essential to maintaining the stability and fairness of transactions. Therefore, a special gold trading venue in Hong Kong and Singapore and other places is responsible for gold trading, and in order to meet a variety of customer needs, they have also launched gold spot and futures trading, increasing the competitiveness of this place and expanding the scope of trade. Therefore, the gold trading here is famous and has become a world-famous gold trading floor. With the development of the times, the area attracted more and more gold traders, but at the same time there were various problems. For example, it is precisely because of the large number of people and the mixture of fish and dragons that it is difficult to distinguish the real from the fake, and the authorities cannot play a good role in supervision, and for a while the trade atmosphere here is no longer what it used to be. But this did not affect the merchants here, who spontaneously formed gold trading houses. The object faced by a commercial bank must have a certain social status and a very high social reputation in order to become a member of the commercial bank and obtain the certification of the commercial bank. Through the strict review of the members who enter the bank, the number of members who can enter the bank is small, but they are all trustworthy. Take the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange as an example: its members' transactions are conducted in the form of public bidding, verbal clapping. Due to the strict integrity of the gold merchants in the venue, there are few violations. The trading method adopts spot trading and futures trading.

Let's introduce another gold trading method of American gold trading, as can be seen from the name, the main way of this transaction is closely related to the United States. In fact, the two main positions of American gold trading are the New York Stock Exchange and the Chicago Stock Exchange in the United States. As we all know, these two exchanges have an extraordinary influence even in the world, so his social influence is even more than that of Asian gold trading led by Hong Kong and Singapore. So his huge audience also influences the way he trades. They are mainly built on the currency-based financial market, they mainly provide a reasonable trading place for the market futures exchange, as a non-profit institution, itself does not participate in the transaction, but only provides the venue and equipment for the transaction, and at the same time formulates relevant laws and regulations to ensure that the transaction is carried out fairly and justly, and strictly monitors the transaction.

These are the two main ways of gold trading in the world, we can understand that one is the main trading object, that is, the membership system, and the other is to provide venue equipment for trade. Therefore, when carrying out gold trade, we must choose carefully.

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